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If you are a photographer or blogger interested in taking your food photography to the next level or just want to further understand food photography markets, this workshop is for you!   Workshop ...

Basic Food Photography – June 7, 2014

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[caption id="attachment_4560" align="aligncenter" width="200"] © Cyndi DiMicco[/caption] Understand the basics of digital photography through all its stages, from camera through capture! Through our Basic Digital ...

Basic Digital Photography – May 10, 2014

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July 23-27, 2014 Ventura, CAThe Teachers' Workshop @ Brooks Institute is back! Brooks Institute is proud to invite you to attend a five-day photography and visual artists teachers’ workshop in Ventura, ...

Teachers’ Workshop – July 23-27, 2014

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Dates: June 16-20, 2014 Time: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Location: Brooks Institute Ventura Campus, Ventura, CA. Price: $675, includes daily catered lunch High school students considering a career in the film, ...

5@9 High School Video Workshop – June 16-20, 2014

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Some of the most beautiful and exotic photographic subjects are smaller than your hand. Flowers, frogs, butterflies, beetles, lizards and lichens are only a few of the countless subjects requiring the talent and tools to see ...

Close-Up Photography – August 9, 2014

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Brooks Extension will be teaching a unique two week long workshop for professional photographers from China. Participants will work closely with Brooks Institute instructors in studio and classroom environments to learn ...

Chinese Photographers – Private Workshop

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[caption id="attachment_4446" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Valentine's Day Gift Certificate[/caption] Looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift idea? Surprise your sweetheart with a fun and educational photography ...

Gift Certificates

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  If you're in high school and you have a passion for photography, we want you to join us! As you consider photography as a serious pursuit, a program for college, or even a career, then we highly recommend this ...

5@9 High School Photo Workshop- June 23-27, 2014

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  Are you new to Photoshop? Have you been trying to teach yourself the basics of Photoshop? Find it overwhelming? Come aboard and demystify Adobe Photoshop with Professional photographer, Christy Schuler. She ...

Basic Photoshop – June 21, 2014

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[caption id="attachment_4570" align="aligncenter" width="188"] © Bruce Burkhardt[/caption] Come to Brooks Institute and demystify Adobe Lightroom! Learn to bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark ...

Basic Lightroom – May 31, 2014

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This one-day workshop is designed to prepare students who are just starting out in the wedding photography business. The workshop will cover necessary equipment and how to use it, the wedding day schedule and the ...

Beginning Wedding Photography – July 19th, 2014

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